CKX Quest RSV Backcountry Helmet, Winter – ECE Solid – Without Goggle

Product Code: 9ffe947d-97d2-1825-f4d2-9d17f65b900b

    Quest RSV is an Backcountry helmet based on Dual Sport or Adventure types of motorcycle helmets. Keep your Backcountry look with the advantages of a full face helmet. When closed, the double visor provides maximum protection against the elements; when the visor is lifted, enjoy the freedom of backcountry helmets. No more wind, rain or snow in your off-trail helmet. The double visor and breath deflector are designed to prevent the visor from fogging up. Want some fresh air? Take the visor off and wear the Quest as a regular Backcountry helmet, with goggles.

    The Quest RSV features a retractable inner amber visor which reduces sun glare. Also, the ProClip quick release mechanism ensures a quick and simple adjustment. You can also get an optional electric double visor for this helmet. Under the most extreme conditions, the electric visor becomes a must as it makes all fogging problems inside the helmet disappear almost completely.$$


    • Construction: Impact resistant injection molded plastic shell
    • Liners: Removable and washable interior liners and glasses-friendly cheek pads. With EPS
    • Ventilation: Adjustable chin vent and top venting system
    • Shield: Double shield (optional electric lens shield) / Anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments
    • Sun visor: Retractable inner smoke sun visor (RSV)
    • Certification: ECE certified
    • Weight: 1750 g ± 50
    • Attachment System: ProClip quick release mechanism
    • Included Items :
      • - Breath deflector and chin guard
        - Protective case
        - Electric wire kit