LS2 Copter Open-Face Helmet Solid

Product Code: 68932d14-a58c-57e3-8807-6e03078bfcee
    • The Copter is modern, lightweight, open face helmet for today’s commuter, scooter rider or tourer.
    • The shell uses our proprietary HPTT material for the best balance between safety, weight and value.
    • Massive, adjustable vents at the top combine with the molded-in spoiler and exhaust ports at the rear of the helmet to create dynamic, positive airflow to keep the rider cooler and more comfortable.
    • The fully removable liner is washable, allowing you to keep your helmet as fresh as the day it was new.
    • Always handwash and air dry liners to help them keep their shape.
    • The Copter’s face shield is made from optically correct, Class A polycarbonate, and offers a wide-field of vision.
    • The shield has built-in diffusers across the bottom edge to assist in managing fogging.
    • We finish it off with our quick release chin strap. Modern. Stylish. Lightweight.
    • The Copter offers all the features and comfort you’ve come to expect from LS2.
    • Shells: 2
    • Shape: intermediate oval
    • Weight: 1250g ± 50 g
    • DOT/ECE 22.05