Warn Winch Cover

Product Code: bee50f11-f8e3-b3c4-1bf6-95e87d2f7bb6
  • Warn neoprene winch covers are now available for the 9.5TI and the Power Plant HD and HP. Warn neoprene covers are custom tailored for each application and utilize the latest UL approved UV resistant materials. A neoprene winch cover helps to keep your winch looking factory new. It cushions and protects your winch from bug impacts, flying stones, road debris and from the elements. Neoprene covers stretch over the winch so they resist flapping without the need for elastic cords or hooks. We also include a bottle of 303 Aerospace Protectant with each cover. With occasional applications your cover will retain maximum UV protection.

    • Made Of Durable Neoprene
    • Tight Fitting
    • Resists Water And Cracking